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Arnold Poindexter
Poindexter 2.jpg

First Appearance:

Revenge of the Nerds

Played By:

Tim Busfield






Lambda Lambda Lambda


Poindexter plays the violin and has especially thick glasses. He starts out being shy and awkward, but through out the course of the first film he becomes more outgoing. In the first film it is suggested that he can't see well out of his glasses, which is more heavily played up in the second movie. It is also hinted that he's never had an erection until he sees the Pi's naked.

Relationships With Other Characters[]

Lewis Skolnick[]

Lewis, throughout most of the movie, is the leader of the nerds. He helps Poindexter be more confident and stand up for himself.

Gilbert Lowe[]


Connie is an Omega-Mu Poindexter hangs out with at the party in the first movie. They smoke "wonder joints" and talk about weather they would want to live in the ascendance of a civilization, or during it's decline. They almost have sex before the party is ruined by the Alpha-Beta's and the Pi Delta Pi's.

Hobbies and Talents[]

Poindexter is a violinist and spends much of the movie practicing. He gets progressively better throughout the film. He tries to liven up the Tri-Lambda party by playing and he also plays in the talent contest, contributing to their win.

Film Appearances[]


  • Timothy Busfeild couldn't see out of the glasses he wore while playing Pondexter.
  • For his audition Timothy Busfeild did the dance Poindexter does to "Thriller" in the film.
  • A scene in the movie "Dodgeball" that pays homage to the scene in Revenge of the Nerds where Poindexter points out how they can become probatinary Tri-Lambs, ends with one character calling another "Poindexter".
  • Although Poindexter appears on the DVD cover for Nerds in Love he doesn't appear in the film.