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Better Off Dead

Directed By:

Savage Steve Holland

Produced By:

Gil Freisen, Micheal Jaffe and Andrew Meyer

Written By:

Savage Steve Holland

Distributed By:

Warner Brothers


Augest 23rd, 1985

Running Time:

97 Minutes




Lane Meyer, a geeky loser high school student whose girlfriend dumps him in their senior year for the new captain of the ski team. Crushed by his loss, Lane decides that suicide is the only answer. His various pathetic attempts only end in embarassing failure, making matters worse. On top of all this, his father is harassing him about his life and his broken-down car, he is being stalked by a lunatic paperboy, and his ten year-old brilliant gifted brother is quickly becoming Hugh Heffner.

Obsessed with winning Beth back, he challenges the new captain to a deadly ski race down the K-12, the most dangerous slope in California. Meanwhile, the outcast loser neighbor across the street is offering housing for a beautiful French foreign exchange student who decides to help him get back on track. Can he get his car running again? Can he survive the paperboy stalker? Will he win Beth back, or is he better off dead?


John Cusack as Lane Meyer

David Ogden Stiers as Al Meyer

Kim Darby as Jenny Meyer

Diane Franklin as Monique Junet

Curtis Armstrong as Charles De Mar

Amanda Wyss as Beth Truss

Aaron Dozier as Roy Stalin

Scooter Stevens as Badger Meyer

Yuji Okumoto as Yee Sook Ree

Brian Imada as Chen Ree

Laura Waterbury as Mrs. Smith

Demian Slade as Johnny Gasparini

Daniel Schneider as Ricky Smith