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Dudley "Booger" Dawson
Booger on guitar.jpg

First Appearance:

Revenge of the Nerds

Played By:

Curtis Armstrong





Real Name:

Dudley Dawson


Lambda Lambda Lambda


Jeannie Humphrey (wife)

Mr. Dawson (father)

Mrs. Dawson (mother)

Heidi Dawson (adoptive daughter)


Dudley Dawson, also known as Booger, is one of the nerds in the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity. He enjoys sex, smoking marijuana, nose picking and playing the guitar. Booger, along with Lamar Latrell are considered especially important members of the cast, because they are not traditional nerds.

Relationships With Other Characters[]

Takashi Toshiro[]

Takashi and Booger are the closest in the first film. Booger and Takashi play cards together, with Booger constantly swindiling Takashi out of winning.

The Omega-Mu's[]

At first Booger believes the Mu's to be "a bunch of pigs" but almost as soon as they arrive, his opinion completely turns around, partially due to how fun they are and partially due to Booger not being particularly attracted to conventionally good looking women. In the third film, part of his reasoning for coming back to Adams is that the Mu's are still on campus. In the fourth movie Booger reveiles that he spent alot of his college time partying with the Mu's, and has had sex with nearly all of them.

Jeannie Humphrey[]

Booger meets Jeannie at an Omega-Mu fundraiser. They fall in love after realizing they have alot of common interests and end up getting married, despite several attempts by the bride's family to have the wedding cancelled.

Heidi Dawson[]

Heidi is an orphan that Jeannie's brother in-law has pretend to be Booger's love child in Nerds in Love. Booger tries to be a good father to her, and even contemplates marrying the woman he believes to be her mother, instead of his fiance. When she reveals who she really is, Booger and Jeannie decide to adopt her.

Hobbies and Talents[]

Booger is a talented guitar player and in the third movie he becomes an attorney.

Booger in Pop Culture[]

  • In an episode of "the Simpsons" Homer and Marge go see a movie. In the end credits it says "special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis "Booger" Armstrong.
  • Booger appeared in an episode of "Robot Chicken" called "Boo Cocky", in a sketch called "Revenge on the Revenge of the Nerds". He has no lines.
  • The "American Dad" character Snot Lonstein (also played by Curtis Armstrong) is named after and designed after Booger, though his actual character bares little similarities.
  • Another nerdy character played by Curtis Armstrong was in Akeelah & the Bee. In this one he plays the headmaster of an inner-city elementary school who recognizes the protagonist's spelling abilities and sponsors her in a series of spelling bees. Although nerdy, he is different from Booger in that he interacts with other people and keeps filthy habits to himself.

Film Appearances[]