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Heidi Dawson

First Appearance:

Nerds in Love

Played By:

Sophie Buhai


Booger Dawson (adoptive father)
Jeannie Humphrey (adoptive mother)
Tippi Humphrey (maternal grandmother)
Aaron Humphrey (maternal grandfather)
Mrs. Dawson (paternal grandmother)
Mr. Dawson (paternal grandfather)
Lois Humphrey (great-aunt)
Gaylord Humphrey (aunt)


Dudley Dawson was accused of fathering a bastard child outside of wedlock by Chip and Chad Penrod in order to discredit his upcoming marriage to his bride Jeannie. Despite Dudley's friend Lewis Skolnick claiming none of the accusations have merit nor can be accurately constructed given Dudley's background check, suspicion does arise from the Humphrey family about Dudley's creditability and his potential to be unfaithful to Jeannie. These suspicions seem unfounded until Heidi appears at the Humphrey residence escorted by Chad. This is sufficient for Mr. Humphrey not to grant his blessing to Dudley, but Mrs. Humphrey protests that she wants a blood test from Dudley and Heidi to confirm parentage before the wedding is off. As Dudley gets to know his supposed daughter, he apologizes for not being there for her earlier in life. Later, Heidi comes forward with the truth, Dudley is not her father. Her true parents are dead, and Chip grabbed her from an orphanage and drafted her to play the part. The wedding goes as scheduled. Since Heidi was forced into this scam through no fault of her own, Jeannie and Dudley announce right after their wedding that they will start legal proceedings to adopt Heidi.

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