First Appearance:

Revenge of the Nerds

Played By:

Michelle Meyrink






Judy is a female nerd and member of the Omega Mu's. She and Gilbert meet in the computer lab and begin dating. She plays the accordion and does not get along well with computers. In a deleted scene she says she loves sweatshirts. Booger asks if she has a penis because Gilbert hasn't "gotten in her pants".

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Gilbert LoweEdit

Judy and Gilbert meet in the computer lab. She is frustrated that she can't get her computer to work properly and Gilbert shows her how. They meet later on campus where Gilbert carries her accordion to class for her. She goes to the Tri-Lamb's party with him, and invites the Omega-Mu's after the Pi Delta Pi's don't show. At the end of the movie they are together during the final crowd scene.

The Omega-Mu'sEdit

Judy is an Omega-Mu herself, and seems to get along fairly well with her sorority sisters, describing them as spontaneous people.

Hobbies and TalentsEdit

Judy is in the same information technology class as Gilbert, but her computing skills are not as good as his as she gets frustrated. Judy plays the accordion, but is apparently in the beginning stage as she is seen playing a simple song at the party.

Film AppearancesEdit