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Lambda Lambda Lambda is a national fraternity, historically black, that the nerds send an application to, and is the only one that agrees to consider them (because they did not include a group photo, unlike all the other fraternities that rejected them on that basis). U.N. Jefferson is the president of Lambda Lambda Lambda. He agreed to consider the group on the basis they had no chapter at Adams College, but when he sees that only one of the nerds is black, he admits a predominantly white group is not the ideal image for Lambda Lambda Lambda. Poindexter says that on the basis of the fraternity code, the nerds must be accepted, as Tri-Lam law says any considered group is awarded an automatic 2-month probationary status. George, U.N. Jefferson's aide, says that is right, and the group is given temporary membership.

Later in the film, the nerds host a party, inviting George and U.N. in order to finalize their effort for sponsorship. The Omega Mu sorority serves as their dates. The party is dull until Booger livens up the party with marijuana cigars. The party soon picks up, where everyone is dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller. However, the party is disrupted by the Alpha Betas, who unleash pigs into the nerds' house to ruin the party and make the nerds unsuitable for fraternity sponsorship. Too bad for the Alpha Betas, U.N. and George see firsthand the discrimination the nerds face, and start to show more sympathy for them. After U.N. learns of a prank where the nerds put liquid heat on the jockstraps of the football team in revenge, he laughs and is glad the nerds stood their ground, and finally officializes the nerds as the Adams College chapter of Lambda Lambda Lambda.

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Adams Collage Chapter[]