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Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love

Directed By:

Steve Zacharias

Written By:

Tim Metcalfe

Miguel Tejada-Flores

Steve Zacharias

Jeff Buhai

Distributed By:

20th Century Fox Films


May 9th, 1994

Run Time:

88 Minutes

Proceded By:

the Next Generation


Bogger has proposed marriage to his girlfriend Jeannie Humphrey, but her father does not approve. Although his daughter is nerdy herself and Booger shares many common interests with her, Mr. Humphrey does not think Booger becoming part of his family would befit the image of entering politics. When the nerds come to Booger's engagement party, their ways alienate people, backing up Mr. Humphrey's idea that all nerds are weirdos. Lewis and the other nerds try to make amends by laying off the topical ideas nerds are known for in order to avoid making further waves, but Lewis comes across a conspiracy. Mr. Humphrey's son-in-law (the husband of Jeannie's sister) Chip realizes that if Mr. Humphrey fails in his political attempt, he will stay at his old job as CEO of Humphrey Industries, a multimillion dollar business, thus making Chip's ascenion to the top spot a moot point. Chip hires Chad Penrod, a private investigator who claims to have exposed the adultery of Prince Charles.


  • Jessica Tuck as Gaylord
  • Robert Picardo as Chad Penrop
  • Stephen Davis as Chip


  • Although Poindexter is seen on the front DVD, He is not seen or mentioned in this film.